To Choose or Be Chosen

Choice.  We talk about choices and certainly don’t like it when we don’t feel we have a choice.  We want the freedom to decide what we want and certainly don’t like to be told no.   Sound familiar?

Did you ever stop and think about all the decisions and choices you make in a day?   Statistics say we make about 35,000 decisions every day!  Pretty daunting to think about.  Wouldn’t life be much easier if we didn’t have to make so many decisions or at least had help making them?

Let’s think about this.  In the more important decisions, do you ask someone whom you know and trust?  Or more importantly someone who knows you well?    For me personally, I began connecting believing “He is with me always” to actually paying attention to that truth.   If He is with me always, why am I not asking Him for help, guidance, clarification or wisdom for making the right decision?  This too can seem daunting.  Change always is.  But isn’t change often good?  Everything is life changes so ask Him to guide you in not only making choices daily but to make the most important choice……to stop and ask Him first.

There is a series out now called The Chosen.  It is available on the Chosen app & YouTube.   It’s the largest publicly funded production ever.  It’s the Bible brought to life.  The plan for The Chosen is to do 7 or 8 “seasons” of 8 episodes each, allowing the stories to unfold in greater depth.  To learn about the culture of that time.  You will see the personalities and the relationships between Jesus and his disciples develop. In trying to portray this story as biblically correct as possible, you can also watch the “round table” discussions with the director, a Rabbi, a Catholic priest and Evangelical.  They all consulted on the writing of the script in order to portray this as authentically as possible.  This adds a tremendous amount of incite into how the scripts come to be.  There are also interviews with each actor discussing how they were chosen for this project, how the cast has formed a family and their reactions to how well The Chosen has been received.  Not only is the production well done, but It also shows undeniably that we are His chosen ones.

I am sure there are critics.  No one knows every fact, but this series has certainly gotten the attention of many across the globe.   We have a small group who has found that watching this together sparks endless question and inspires us to dig into scriptures for more answers.

Whether you watch The Chosen or not, whether you recognize how many decisions we each make in a day or how often you seek God’s direction even in the “ unimportant” things………You Are Chosen!

Ephesians 1: 11, NLT  “We were already chosen to be God’s own children by Christ. This was done just like the plan He had.”

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