Friends and Strangers Alike

There is no disputing that the entire world continues to encounter trials of all kinds with rippling affects for all.   Absolutely no one is untouched. Recently, Texas among other areas has experienced freezing cold temperatures unlike anything it has ever scene.  Homes without power and water for days, often resulting in bursting pipes and once again a mess to cleanup and repair. The fury to protect ourselves, our family, friends and our homes.  Stocking up on water, food, gas, constantly keeping devices charged (just in case),wrapping pipes and so many other seemingly small details that proved critical.

But once again we saw communities of people arise to help friends and strangers alike.  The airwaves were packed with inquires.   All the while, thanks and praise for God’s protection when crisis was averted, and continued prayers for those needing help.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, began to answer and offer their homes, services and supplies to repair the broken pipes to restore clean water to homes. Not a question was asked. Just pure outpouring of love.  Could it be that in this moment, we lived as he has asked, in love?

In the midst of it all, a friend sent the photo above of the birds at the feeders.  I was struck instantly by the stark example.  A literal picture of how God intended US to live.  Gathering together, helping others without question or condemnation or divide.  The air was frigid, food was scarce and that feeling of confusion could have overtaken these little creatures…..but God provided. He directed these little fellows to the feeders. But no fighting for position today!

God does this for us time and time again.  Through the pandemic, its effects on health and business, the world has in so many ways, joined together in spite of the heightened, more obvious anger and division.  Researchers have worked across the globe for a vaccine for Covid.  We stayed connected through zoom.  Churches jumped online, accessible to many who would have never thought about attending a church. They found themselves watching, listening, comforted and seeking  answers in places they never thought of before. God did show His plan to share the gospel through the brokenness of this world.  The Pandemic was the perfect opportunity for a door to swing wide open to share His Word.  It’s time we stop long enough to give Him thanks for the blessings we do see but also for the opportunity to look at the good that has come out of the chaos.

So many are beginning to understand the intrinsic value of other people.  Friendships and real relationships. We need to interact, sometimes talking about nothing in particular, asking questions, raising concerns, AND listen to one another. That could provide some answers, could provoke more questions, it usually provides assurance that we are not walking alone in life’s journey. And maybe, just maybe the world as a whole will be reminded of God’s Love and how we are to live it and share it with each other in all we do.


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Together in Tough Times.

Lin Lockamy