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Inspired to Renovate- Inside & Out

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is focused on renovations these days? Everybody’s talking about it whether it’s because something needs to be fixed, so go ahead and upgrade, or repairs due to outside factors. Oh, and all the renovations shows “inspire us”. Major weather events, aging components or the pandemic forcing us to live and work at home. This reality has caused many of us to look to FIX our home environment to accommodate not only a designated workspace to facility work and life but also now a focus on the FEELING of our environment to help reduce the feeling of chaos of and minimize interruptions.
Are you one of these? I think most of us are if only dreaming of what we “could” do.
I too think it’s time to do some things in my home. As I plan for the long haul, a strange parallel came to mind.
Friends gathered together for the evening. One graciously opens his home for us and often cooks a delicious dinner! This has always allowed us to share the worries of the day but also creates a “comfortable” space as we dive into our study. We always end not only in prayer but specifically asking each other to share what needs are on their hearts. As we end the evening, there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude that we can sit among friends, share our heartaches and know we come together in prayer.
This morning, I reflected on one of my requests, prayers for physical concerns. Then my mind wondered to what my friends may be thinking…..why is she not going to a doctor to get this checked out since this it seems to be persisting? That all makes sense from their perspective. My medial history has been that one where typically one thing leads to another. You are probably now thinking that there should be no doubt that some Dr. should take a look, right? As I mulled this over, I chuckled. Here’s my thought. As a real estate agent, we see this story unfold all the time. Investor or family alike, once you start a “little renovation project”, inevitably, you’ll discover LOTS more needs to be fixed. So now it’s not a small project anymore. If you had not already hired a professional, it’s time!
I see the new physical concern the same way. Only for me, I made another choice. Before proceeding I consulted with the best. I turned to the “Master Carpenter”. He is the one evaluating how to fix what is seen and what is unseen. It may not happen overnight, but He sees and creates the plan. He may have to bring in subcontracts (other docs) to fix the problem at hand, but He is in control. So, my focus is to listen for The Master’s direction since I know my reno plan doesn’t ever seem to be sufficient at the outset. How many projects are you putting on hold? Have you turned and asked for help?
When you turn to Jesus for direction BEFORE moving forward, you can be sure you can trust the Master Carpenter.

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